Dear Business owner,

The fact that you're on this page shows me that you have
an interest in advertising online - and good on you!

It's estimated that online advertising is FAST outperforming
standard offline advertising...

Ever heard of HTML before? What about SEO, or CPC
or even CPM?

Ever set up a sales funnel or created a fan page and twitter
account to monitor social media buzz?

All sound a bit'jargony?

Dont't worry-I'm here to help!

In a recent survey among some of the biggest online
, it's been shown that video far outweighs it's
counterparts in the likes of banner ads or text ads.

Video can be mega hard to set up if you don't have the
right equipment or expertise though so you're going to
need to outsourse it.

You need to get visitors to that video...

There is no point having anything if no-one is ever going to
see it, right?

All the best way to get visitors for free?


Love it or hate it, if you need free traffic - Google is
your man.

Ranking can sometimes be a bit tricky through, so you're
going to want to outsource it...

Let's see If you were paying attention...

imgOnline advertising rocks
imgVideo rocks but is expensive amd tricky
imgRanking video using SEO rocks but is tricky and

... but don't worry

That's where I come in...

I've been making and ranking videos for various clients like
yourself for a while now... check out a few samples

After creating a professional video - I then go on to rank it
on Google within 30 days - GUANANTEED.

By the time I'm finished - you'll be getting more traffic then
you could EVER imagine...

Here's what you get...

img Professional, clear cut video
img Any length
img Set to music
img Still photos and video clips can be included
img STANDS OUT in Google results
img Completed quickly within 3 business days
img 1st page of Google guarnteed within 30 days
img Video submitted to over 30 different video
sharing sites including YouTube
img Will even show up on Facebook/twitter
img FULL report with all the links


I usually charge $ 147 per video and then $ 97 for the
ranking but I'm going to do something
VERY special for you...

For a limited time only I'm offering BOTH for just $ 197

You're on this page because you KNOW your business
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I look forward to working with you personally,